The Limbic System and Prefrontal Cortex

In this video you will learn how easily false perceptions can form and why gaining a correct understanding about addiction will help you.

Here is the original study from James Olds & Peter Milner.

These chemcials has been found in ancient organisms including anthropoids, invertebrate phyla and mollusks. Human brains are not designed to deal with such ready to access rewards that directly stimulate the motivational-incentive system that pre-dates rational thought and helped species on earth to survive in primitive life. Read more here:

Blakeslee, Sandra (2002). "Hijacking the Brain Circuits with a Nickel Slot Machine." The New York Times (February 19), Sec. F, 1.

Neese R.and Berridge. K. (1997) Psychoactive Drug Use in Evolutionary Perspective. October. Vol. 278 no. 5335 pp. 63-66.

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