How the Brain Changes

In this video you will learn how certain practices actually change the brain and "rewire" the brain, and when old habits are not engaged in, neural circuitry weakens. This combined with enough sleep, exercise and proper diet can accelerate recovery.

Physical exercise promotes neurogenesis because these activities “increase cell proliferation and the survival of newly acquired neurons"(1). Just getting regular sleep, exercise or a good diet can improve brain function and especially the chemistry in your brain which results in improved mood (2). 

  1. Gould, E., A. Beylin, P. Tanapat, A. Reeves, and T. J. Shors. 1999. “Learning Enhances Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampal Formation.” Nature Neuroscience 2:260–265.
  2. Thomas Prugh, Recovery Without Treatment, Alcohol Health and Research World, Fall 1986, pp. 24, 71 and 72.


How does the concept of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity change your perspective?

What changes in your day can you make to practice meditation, eat more healthy, and ensure you get enough sleep?

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