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1.How to Download Your Purchase

When you signed up should have been directed to the download page
in which you could download your eBook: "Truth Of Addiction"
and all accompanying materials.

When you are on that page, all you need to do is right click the
TruthOfAddiction.pdf link and select "save target as"


I recommend saving them to your desktop so that you can
find them quickly and easily.

2.How to Open the Truth Of Addiction eBook

When you have completed the download of the eBook to the
location you chose, (such as your computer's desktop)
then all you need to do now is double click on the document
and it will open up for you in Adobbe Acrobat Reader.

Note: In order to view the Truth OF Addiction ebook (as well as
other ebooks)you may need to have the latest version of Adobe
Acrobat Reader installed.

If you do not know if you have the most current version of adobe
acrobat reader a message may appear when you try to open the

Messages such as: "error opening this document" or
"viewer can't decrypt this document" may appear when
there are problems with adobe software.

If you don't have the current version installed just download
the latest version here:

Once the installation is of Adobe Acrobat Reader is complete, then
just open the Truth of Addiction document and it should work properly.


3. How do I download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader is a very simple process. All you
need to do is go to this link below:

Click on the "Download Now" button
(Make sure that your download is to a folder that you remember and
have access to)

When the file has been downloaded, you can click on the icon in the
folder where it was downloaded to and this should start the

After the installation of Acrobat Reader is complete, open the
TruthOfAddiction.pdf and it should open properly for you.

Adobe Acrobat Reader actually comes with an very helpful
"Help" option.

If you have any other questions about operating their program.
Clicking on "Help" will give you many selections.


4.How Do I Print The eBoook?

You are permitted to print one personal copy of the
"Truth Of Addiction" eBook.

To do so, you may open Adobe Reader by clicking the
"Start" then selecting "programs" (or "all programs") then click on
"Adobe Reader" (or "Adobe Acrobat")

Once you open Adobe Reader click on "file" then

Then select the TruthOfAddiction.pdf document. Then Click
on "File" and then select "Print."

(Also, most all local copy shops will print it off and bind it for


6. How do I Play the MP3s?

You will most likely have a program on your computer that plays MP3
audio files.

If not, Windows Media Player is free and is most widely used for

You can download Windows Media Player Here:

If you own a MAC computer, VLC Media Player is one of the most

You can download VLC Media Player Here:


7. How do I open and play the MP4 videos?

Just right clicking on "Mindfulness.mp4" (for example) and then
selecting "save target as" or "save as." This is where you select
where to save the MP4 files to.

Most likely you will have software installed to play the MP4 files.
If you do not, you can go to the official Microsoft Windows Media
or VLC player website to download their free software.
Below are the links.

You can download Windows Media Player Here:


You can download VLC Media Player Here:

You may burn ONE personal copy of the MP4s if you like 🙂

8.What Charges Will My Credit Card Say?

Your bank statement will show a charge from Clickbank/Keynetics
such as "ClickBank" or "CLKBANK*COM."

Clickbank is our payment processor so the credit card statement
will show a charge from them, NOT "TruthOfAddicton."


10.Can I get a hard copy?

Truth Of Addiction eBook and the accompanying materials are not
available in bookstores. They are only available in downloadable
PDF and MP3/MP4 format.
is the only place where they are available

The sales page explicitly states:
"NOTE: the Truth Of Addiction program is a downloadable product. After
completed payment, you will receive instant access to the Truth Of
Addiction eBook, Nutrition For Improved Recovery eBook, Mindfulness-
based Cognitive therapy MP3 Audio tracks and the accompanying videos.
No physical products will be shipped"


11. Why only electronic download?

The Truth Of Addiction program is only available in electronic
download format because this allows better distribution and access
to international clients quickly.

Purchasing a downloadable product can also save you money because
they do not require shipping costs.

Shipping to international countries can be quite expensive and
delivery can take a great deal of time.

Because this system is instantly downloadable, you recieve it
immediately, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

However, I know that some people prefer having a hard copy. This is
why you are permitted to print off one personal copy of the
"Truth Of Addiction" eBook and the accompanying materials (but ONLY
for personal use).


To you and your success,
A. Scott Roberts